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   "PHETUS" has developed his talent(s) in various studio spaces, indulging in a wide variety of mediums. Throughout the years, this has expanded the artists body of work across all genres of artistic and creative endeavors. This website is an eclectic mix of creativity and artistic productions brought to life by "PHETUS".


  • Independent Full Time Artist.
  • Well traveled artist that has shared his "street art" talents in many foreign countries. London, Japan, Spain and Peru...just to name a few.
  • Showcased and SOLD artwork in galleries throughout The United States, most notably -The Doyle Auction NYC and Art Basel Miami.
  • Invented and developed the "Graffiti Spraycan" application, with a success rate of over 11 million downloads on itunes.



   Since 1988 the infamous "Phat Phace" icon has been a distinctive mark, WHICH IS THE SIGNATURE SYMBOL THAT REPRESENTS THE ARTIST KNOWN AS "PHETUS".

Over a span of the past  25 years, this iconic image has transcended from the subculture of the graffiti / street art movement, into the realms  of main stream popular culture within art, fashion and digital technology.